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The Emilio Velci Share Aloha Project is a non-profit organization
founded due to the untimely death of my son,
Emilio Velci, who died tragically of fentanyl poisoning.
Our hearts are forever broken and our pain is immense.
Through much love, support, and prayers, we have slowly been able to take our grief and channel it into something worthy and
Our foundation desires to
educate our youth and communities on the dangers of opioids and counterfeit drugs.
We wholeheartedly want to support our future changemakers by providing scholarships to further their education. In addition, we hope to support youth athletics in schools and our

Our Mission

The Emilio Velci Share Aloha Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the community through advocacy, awareness, and education. Our hope is to live the way Emilio did...With kindness, compassion, and the spirit of ALOHA.

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